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In , Yuri Gagarin became the first person to venture beyond Earth's atmosphere. Since his journey, about people – astronauts, civilians, and " space.
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Precursors in fiction and fact

Helium-3 is a key fuel for the fusion process necessary to ignite the mass converter, which in turn is needed for the warp drive. The real key, though, was its location in a star cluster.

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With distances under a light year, communications and travel could be made in weeks instead of years, eliminating all the problems that caused the colonial decline! For fifty years they traveled before reaching the Pleiades in , and only then had their competitors finally realized what they were up to, and began hurrying to send colonizers of their own.

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Once corporate competition began to harden in the Pleiades, things began to get ugly. They had some advantages though; a knowledge of the land, and their well-homed cunning. They did not thrive though, because each star system lies several light years apart, meaning travel times averaging a year and communications being not much faster. Previous post: Oxygen by any means. Next post: German Partner. Bioengineering the Future.

Newsletter Subscribe Unsubscribe. About people have paid at least the majority of the fee to reserve the first flights, and about 80, others have registered interest, said Stephen Attenborough, Virgin Galactic 's commercial director. The spaceship, which will carry six passengers and be based in New Mexico, will be hoisted by a carrier craft to 50, feet before blasting on its own to suborbit, where passengers will float weightless about the cabin and see space and the Earth through large windows.

The craft will land on a runway and be reused. The carrier craft is being flight tested, and SpaceShipTwo's flight tests are expected to begin at the end of this year, Attenborough said. With 20 to 30 test spaceflights expected, it could be 18 months to two years before it's ready commercially, he said.

People in Space: The Pioneers

Tourism isn't the only planned use. The craft could be modified to launch microsatellites, and Virgin hopes to sell flights to agencies for microgravity or atmospheric experiments. California's XCOR Aerospace also is developing a reusable vehicle that will take a pilot and a front-seat customer to the edge of space -- for pleasure or to transport scientific payloads that would benefit from microgravity. XCOR's Lynx, roughly the size of a small airplane, will take off and land on a runway and propel itself with liquid-fuel engines.

Initially launching from Mojave, California, participants will get a view from the edge of space for several minutes and briefly experience weightlessness. Test flights may begin by the end of , and testing would take at least a year, CEO Jeff Greason said. A second, expendable stage may be added to launch nanosatellites, he said. Like other suborbital providers, XCOR eventually wants to develop an orbital vehicle.


The Lynx is a technical pathfinder to that -- something that could make money and prove the reliability and safety of the technology. Getting people to orbit is exactly what Bigelow Aerospace needs to sell its space stations.

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Bigelow is developing expandable space habitats with a flexible-fabric shell. They would be compressed in a capsule for launch and expand upon deployment. Bigelow primarily sees the habitats as destinations for research scientists and astronauts -- particularly those from countries that haven't used the international space station as much as they'd like or nations making their first steps into space, Gold said. The space station's own future is in doubt, with a NASA space station program manager recently telling a public hearing that NASA currently plans to de-orbit the station in , according to The Washington Post.

Affordable microgravity research can help manufacturers make new material for things such as supercomputers and buildings, Gold said. It eventually aims to develop a full habitat that can support up to eight people. Gold, Garriott and others in the private sector say they hope NASA can be persuaded to invest in, and eventually hire, aerospace companies to deliver NASA astronauts to low-Earth orbit instead of using its own spacecraft.

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  • In such a scenario, the companies would also get to sell their shuttle services to other private-sector customers. That would increase launch rates and lower costs for NASA and the private sector, they said.